It’s A New Life

March 3, 2012, Saturday. The day I finally, and officially, moved out of Leopalace Apartments(LA).

It was a cold and drizzly Friday evening. I was in my LA living room trying to figure out which amongst the remaining items in this apartment I should carry next to the new one. Clothes. Definitely clothes. Then shoes.

I can’t exactly remember the exact chronology of events but after 3 round trips, my friends started arriving at the train station. I locked the door of the new apartment, ran past down the stairs (I rented the second floor), went to the old one, which was a minute away, grabbed my bike, and then dashed for the supermarket. I stacked food one after the other as much as one can possible hold with just their bare hands, and before I realized it, I was having trouble balancing the pile of bentos I had in and on my arms. I paid for the food and zipped straight back for my apartment. But just as I was about to park my bike, the phone rang.

Pibs andito na kami! (Pibs, we’re here.)
Yeah, nakita ko kayo bumaba ng bus. Tingin kayo sa kaliwa. Ako yung kumakaway.
(Yeah, I saw you guys getting off the bus. Look to your left. I’m the one waving.)
There were 3 of them, Maybeline, Rosalynne and Javier. Jeffrey was coming late.

We went straight to my LA apartment. I wanted to show my friends the LA apartments first. It was messy, and most of my things were on the floor except for one spot at the center of the room, which I have cleaned up beforehand. We put some paper towels on the carpet, placed all the food I bought on top of it, and began eating almost immediately. Evidently, everybody was starving. I turned on the TV, and tuned in to my Mac. I was streaming the performance of the top 24(or 25) finalists of American Idol. We watched the performance of the guys first.

I personally liked Joshua Ledet, the male gospel singer for this season. His voice is just the right amoung of raspy, I think. The others liked Philip Phillips. Mid-way through the show, Jeffrey finally arrived. After finishing the performance of the top 13 guys, I figured it was getting late so it was time to proceed to the new apartment, Espoir.

Now, for some reason, I really can’t remember the chronology of events when we got to EA (Espoir Apartments). I think what happened was, I blew out the airbed which my friends will be using overnight. After which, Maybeline realized that it was almost time for her to pack up and go if she wanted to take the bus back to the station.

Now, the reason why I invited my Christian friends to my new apartment first is because I wanted the house to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and not any others. We prayed over, as a group. We praised God. We prayed for His blessings. We thanked Him. Maybeline led the prayer.

We walked with her to the bus stop, and waited until she got on the bus (which was late by the way). The night was almost done. We moved a little bit more of my stuff before finally calling it a night.

And then it was Saturday, March 3, 2012.


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I'm an active-lifestyle enthusiast. I love the outdoors. A geek on weekdays, a sports buff on weekends. I was a worry wart for some time. But because of that I'm enjoying the present. Snowboarder, app developer, runner, gadget collector, hiker are some of the things I am. A healthy mind deserves a healthy body. So shape up!

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