Did they put something in the water?

My friend, Grace, is leaving Japan for good.
And I’m going to miss her a lot.
We met at a snowboarding trip last year, 2011.

It’s always hard when friends leave. Because whether you like it or not, they leave a hole, a void in your heart that takes some time to numb. Grace is the first one with an XX chromosome that I’ve ever had the pleasure of boarding with, and incidentally one of the better ones. She’s adventurous, a moderate risk-taker, and a good example that women can play rough with the boys, while still maintaining their more than attractive feminine aspects. And for that, she will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Grace may be going back to Cebu, and our physical interactions may be severely limited, but she will always be, for me, the standard with which the next crop of women snowboarders will be measured against with.

Again, did they put something in the water?

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