The 7:30 AM alarm rang. With eyes closed I used my hands to look for the oppressive object. I grabbed it and desperately pushed some buttons to make it, and the fire alarm sound it was making, stop. I somehow noticed that the room was slightly dimmer than usual. I opened my eyes, looked around and saw someone sleeping next to me.

“He’s wearing my green shirt!”, I thought.

His back facing my direction, I can hear him breathing in his sleep. I tapped his shoulders to wake him up. But from out of nowhere his hand grabbed mine, pulled it towards him, put it under his arms and clipped it. It wasn’t like I was powerless to stop him, but it seemed like my whole being didn’t want me to. My body started moving on its own, closing in on the distance, forming a fetal position, arched behind him. Moving closer, and closer and closer, until I can feel his back to my chest. It was warm. But it didn’t stop there, I continued inching in on him, until our very existence overlapped. I was taking over his position. My knees were where his knees were supposed to be. My head was mid-way through his skull.

I woke up, wearing a green shirt, with the alarm ringing somewhere in the room. I rose, stopped the alarm, and went to the kitchen to eat my breakfast. A faint grin echoes across my face.


Published by OnBoardPibs

I'm an active-lifestyle enthusiast. I love the outdoors. A geek on weekdays, a sports buff on weekends. I was a worry wart for some time. But because of that I'm enjoying the present. Snowboarder, app developer, runner, gadget collector, hiker are some of the things I am. A healthy mind deserves a healthy body. So shape up!

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