Journey to Freedom S01E01: Throw ‘Em The Money

I love how they implemented trains in Japan. You can almost go anywhere you want as long as you have the time to do so. Places like the sandy beaches of Izu, or the lush forests of Tanzawa are my favorites to visit. It’s that convenient.

However, there are still times when having a car is a more convenient form of transportation as compared to trains. Camping, for example, requires you to bring basic items like tents and grills (and the marinated food to grill). Bringing all of those on a train can be a little bothersome and tiring. The wiser thing to do is to just drive to the location, and have all those items in the trunk. But what if you don’t have a car? Well, good thing you’re in Japan as car rentals are crazy cheap. You only need a valid driver’s license to rent one.

Problem: I don’t have a Japanese driver’s license.

To remedy that, after a couple of months worth of debate with myself, I decided to enroll myself at Koyama Driving School Tsunashima.

I enrolled yesterday, March 18, 2013, after my visit to the orthopedics clinic. The staff member who took in my application was professional. After 90 minutes, she told me to come back the following day for my first lesson. I also got these 4 books.


The price was at first hard to swallow, but seeing that they try to work around my schedule, I figured it was worth it. Refer to the table below for the prices:

Koyama Driving School Course Fee – Japanese

Mine was 273,690 Yen, and I was able to get the Titil course for free (Thank you parents for my face). This means that they are the ones responsible for scheduling everything for me, which was kind of awesome I thought.

I hope to update this blog with as much detail as possible for having a record for friends of mine to refer to in the future.

Next: Episode 2, first day in class.


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