Journey to Freedom S01E02: Am I Normal?

March 19, 2013

I just enrolled yesterday at Koyama Driving School Tsunashima, one of Japan’s most prestigious schools for driving and I am really excited. So excited that I unintentionally arrived an hour and a half early for my aptitude exam. Today I’ll also be attending my first class、運転者の心得、loosely translated to “Driver’s Knowledge”.

When I arrived at the campus, one of the front desk staff, Ms. Mizuno, immediately handed me my schedule, and escorted me to the other room to have my picture taken. I thought to myself, Oh no. I am in the process of growing my hair longer, and the state that it is in at the moment, is not exactly photo friendly. But alas! No one is exempted from having their picture taken.

After all the paperwork and the initial payments(enrollment fee:178,350Yen, Practical Exam Fee Level1: 58,170Yen) have been settled, I waited until my aptitude exam started.

Aptitude Exam Time
The test was fairly simple, draw a line, match some patterns, do random subtractions etc… The last part of the exam(Test 7), the one not graded, is are a series of questions that they ask you rapidly and you answer immediately with a Yes, No or I don’t know. That’s it.

Lesson 1: Driver’s Knowledge
This class is a mix of the official orientation and some fundamental information that each driver should know.

And after 2 hours, I am done for the day. Woohoo! I have virtual driving class on 2013/03/22(Sat).


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