Journey to Freedom S01E03: You shall not pass!

Today’s lesson was all about roads and overtaking.
First, I’d like to start off by saying how I am LOVING these instructors. Not only are they they very definition of professionalism, they are also fun. Yes, they are.
The structure of the lessons are simple, theories mixed with actual scenarios. The teaching medium is not only limited to text books, but they also have actual videos shot on the road to help students visualize the importance of each law, and what consequences there may be when you don’t abide by them.

Also, they try to explain to us why certain rules exist. For example, you are not allowed to overtake vehicles if the road is less than 6meters in width. The rationalization is that in Japan, no car is wider than 2.5meters. Hence if you have to cars side by side each other, you have at most 5meters, plus the safety distance you need between them, hence the only 6 meter and above rule for overtaking.

Again I must reiterate how fun these classes are. I am loving my school at the moment.

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