Sound Tripping

Yesterday(2013/11/17), I was roaming around Tenmabashi searching for places to hang out until I could check-in at my hotel(Toyoko-Inn). I had three more hours to go before I could do so, and I was running out of consciousness.

Side Story: Running out of consciousness
I partied until early Sunday morning with my friend who invited me to this event that was happening from 23:30 ’till 27:30. I returned to my hotel at around 4AM tipsy, took a shower, went straight to bed, and slept until 8AM. Why did I wake up at 8AM? Because I have to check-out at 10, and I still had a lot of packing to do. (Cough cough)

Back to my main story, I was well on my way to dream world until I spotted this coffee shop at the corner of the street. I figured, if there was any place on earth that could revive me, this was it. Upon entering, I immediately noticed the aroma coming from the coffee they were serving. It was a strong and invigorating scent. I felt re-energized almost instantly. So I walked up to the counter, and ordered tea. Green tea to be exact.

Side Story: Green Tea
Green tea contains enough caffeine to help you fight Mr. Sandman, without giving you the jitters. It’s healthier since it has more antioxidants than coffee to help reduce the formation of free radicals within your body. Plus, it is known to help increase your metabolism, which is good for people like me who are trying to get back into shape. (

I ordered a medium sized cup of green tea, and chose a seat that was facing the windows. I love watching people. More so when they’re walking. At that moment I realized, no amount of caffeine will keep me from getting bored. I had to do something else. Something I seriously love. I took out my iPhone, opened Shazam, and looked at my previous tags. It’s all there, music I heard in passing during my daily life. Those that I thought were good music, but didn’t have the time to give much attention back then. There they were, waiting for me all this time to give them the attention that they need. It started, my sound tripping for the next 2 hours.

Songs in contention:
1) Goroshiya Kiki Hitogami(The Assassin’s Assassin) by Soil & Pimp Sessions
2) Ho Hey by The Lumineers
3) Footprints by Poema
4) Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells
5) Say Something by A Great Big World
6) Sky by Ayaka
7) C.H.A.O.S.M.Y.T.H by One Ok Rock
8) Salute by Little Mix
9) Daft Punk by Pentatonix
10) The Art of Letting Go by Mariah Carey
11) Don’t Wanna Dance Alone by Fifth Harmony

I bought 8 of the 11 songs above on iTunes, while the remaining three are under strict monitoring. I know the genres are everywhere, but that’s what makes music so interesting.


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