Veggies, Vegetables and Vegemites

Starting next week, June 1 2016, Marlo and I are going vegetarian.

Well at least for a month, and then we’ll see where it takes us. We’ve been hearing a lot about vegan and vegetarian diet, and not until recently did I realize that there is a difference between the two.

Vegan diet is opposed to treating any animals as commodities. This means that not even milk nor eggs are allowed in the diet. And since they are against commoditizing animals, even leather and fur as clothing is out of the equation.

Vegetarian diet on the other hand allows the use of eggs and milk as part of their daily diet. Basically if something is killed for food, then it is automatically inedible.
So starting from June first until the end of the month, I will not consume anything that was living and breathing. Marlo on the other hand will be a pescetarian, somebody whose ideals are similar to vegetarians, but their diet includes fish.

I still have yet to make any meal plans but I am researching as much as I can to make sure my body does not go into meat-withdrawal mode, which I think is a real thing for omnivores.

If any of our friends are thinking of joining us, please do. I will be posting our weekly meal plans on my page every Saturday, to give potential joiners time to go to the grocery and grab the ingredients that they need.

As somebody who has lived his life with a “try everything once” attitude, this is just one of those things that I have to try for myself before I discard it as a fad, or take it as something where I want to be in the future.

So with that, the first meal plan for the first week will be up by Saturday, May 28, 2016.


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