Manga: はんだくん

Handa-kun, the most misunderstood person in the world.

I received a copy of Handa-kun(はんだくん) from my friend a couple of months ago, and I finally got around to reading the first volume just this week. Soon after reading though it was hard to stop laughing at the events that unfold.

As a synopsis, Handa is a student who is idolized by many, if not most, because of his mysterious demeanor and his good looks. However, because of the same traits, most people find it hard to approach him, and just content themselves to watching from afar.

Handa, however mistook their actions negatively and thought the exact opposite, that most of his peers hated him, and thus he is forced to lead a life of isolation.

It is due to this innate misunderstanding between him and his surroundings that hilarity ensues.

Handa-kun is a prequel to Barakamon, which is set at a time where he is now a renowned calligraphy artist.

Here’s the cover for the first volume:

It’s really funny.


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