Pesce and Veggie Diaries: Day 1

It finally started, my meatless existence.

To be perfectly honest, this isn’t my first time going through life without eating meat. About four to five years ago, I experienced a phase in my life wherein psychologically, I couldn’t eat meat, even if I wanted to, even if I tried(cue music). But back then it was not intentional, and I’ve made it my goal to go back to my meat eating ways.

But I digress. Now onto the main show, food diaries.


The first menu devised by my personal chef is a simple eggplant-cheese omelet.

Ingredients: Eggplant, Eggs, Cheese, spring onions.

I had no problems with this. In fact I liked it a lot. It’s not that much of a departure from what we usually eat, and it was a great way to ease into the new diet.


I had Zaru-soba, bought from a convenience store.

Marlo had this festive seafood bento. I forgot, he’s a pescetarian, he can eat seafood.


For dinner we had a version of the lettuce wrap we usually eat. But instead of using chicken, we used a combination of tofu, mushrooms, and nuts to make it a more satisfying meal.

That’s it for day one. No withdrawal symptoms as of yet, as is expected. We’ll see where we stand after a couple more days.


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I'm an active-lifestyle enthusiast. I love the outdoors. A geek on weekdays, a sports buff on weekends. I was a worry wart for some time. But because of that I'm enjoying the present. Snowboarder, app developer, runner, gadget collector, hiker are some of the things I am. A healthy mind deserves a healthy body. So shape up!

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