Day 2 and I have yet to experience any meat-longing sensations, thus far.


I would consider this breakfast delicious, regardless of my current 30-day trial vegetarian status. The Java rice, that’s what we’re calling it from now on, is just rice with turmeric mixed in it, which gave it that colour and additional flavour.

Ingredients: Sautéed beans, fried tomatoes and eggs, and java rice.


Lunch meals are the lulls of the day, at least for the second day in a row. I ate the Nato (fermented beans) Sushi Roll. Marlo had cold tomato soup and salad.


Basil pasta with sautéed bell peppers, peanuts and fresh tomatoes.


It does not show on any of the photos but there’s a lot of milk drinking in-between meals, either soy milk, or actual cow’s milk.

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