Oh goody it’s Friday! (OGIF!)


My chef tells me that he ran out of ideas for breakfast but when I get to the dining table this is what was served. Bell pepper-mushroom omelette on rice, with a side of oranges. Again, this was really good. But a little part of me wished for a repeat of yesterday’s rice. I always forget to mention that milk and coffee, but not at  the same time, is a regular part of our breakfast routine.



So, I am having a hard time looking for vegetarian food at the local supermarket near my place of work. I have been avoiding the convenience stores, which offer a multitude of options, since their usually crowded during lunch-time. Anyway, what I had was a Midarashi-dango, which is basically ball skewers made out of rice flour, with a soy-sauce based sauce. I paired it with the QBB cheese, which had Yuzu-Kosho mixed in it. Oh my goodness, that cheese blew my taste buds away, in a good way. I love yuzu. To finish it off was, as the Acai juice.

Marlo on the other hand, ate gobo-renkon(burdock-lotus root) salad and cold noodles.



I love pumpkin. And usually, once or twice a week I cook dinner using pumpkin as a base vegetable. This time we decided to make pumpkin soup with coconut milk. And instead of pork, we used aburaage. On the side are sautéed shiitake mushrooms.


And since it’s Wine-Fridays, here is a photo of this week’s wine bottle, paired with some cheese.

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