Pesce and Veggie Diaries: Day 7

Hurrah! We’ve managed to get through a week by just eating veggies (and seafood for chef). Ever since we started this month long experiment, we have been trying all sorts of vegetables we see on the supermarket. Like for example the Japanese Ginger (myouga), which tasted great, grilled or sauted.


For breakfast, we used the leftover sauce from yesterday’s dinner. But instead of using pasta as a carb source, we used rice, then added a sunny-side egg on top to finish the dish.


Marlo had Tortilla-style inari sushi. I had the usual green smoothie, and natto sushi roll, and added some cheese and daifuku. Although I ate the daifuku four hours after lunch.


For dinner, I cooked the dish.This is a pumkin-curry stew, with sliced tomatoes and avocados, served with a side of danish bread. This dish could have been better without the avocados, since it ruined the harmony of the entire dish. Note to self. Other than that, this dish was pretty filling and delicious, if I must say so myself.

Ingredients: Pumpkin, curry bouillion, tomatoes, avocados, myouga, onions, garlic, salt, pepper


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