Pesce and Veggie Diaries: Day 8

After a week of only eating plants, I would say that the hardest part in switching our diet is not that we can not have meat. But rather it is the fact that we had to make a conscious effort discerning what type of food we eat. Are we getting enough proteins? Are we eating too much tofu? Are we consuming enough fibrous foods?

These are questions that should be asked on a regular basis but since you can just eat whatever you want, you rarely put a second thought into.


The combination of the avocados and the roasted sesame seeds really made this dish stand out. Again, roasted sesame seeds MADE this dish. Ever since my mom introduced chef and myself to roasted sesame seeds, we never looked at it the same way again. Just pan-fry a quarter cup of seeds and try them, your taste buds will thank you for it

Ingredients: Eggs, onions, avocados, cheese, roasted sesame seeds


Chef had his usual tofu and salad lunch. I went to a cafe and had egg-lettuce, and peanut strawberry-jam sandwich.


For dinner we both decided to take a break from cooking our meals and just go to Grazie Gardens instead. On the upper left is a thin crust gorgonzola pizza with honey on the side.  On the lower right is a garlic-tomato pasta.


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