My mom and my friends are asking for it so yes, some of chef’s dishes will have its own recipe blog post. We are still trying to figure out the format and the frequency of those blog posts but until then, on to the food!


Repeat! It finally happened. We made this breakfast a couple of days ago, but since it was really good, I didn’t mind. In fact, more please!


For personal reasons I decided to take a day off from work today so I had the time to make my own lunch and I decided to go with curry-tofu. It tastes better than it looks and is not that hard to make. Slice the tofus, sauté, add the bean sprouts, curry bouillons and finish with the tomato on top. Garnish with dried herbs and grated cheese. Marlo had the kakiage and udon meal from Marukame, a popular chain restaurant here in Japan.

Ingredients: Bean sprouts, tomatoes, tofu, curry bouillon, salt & pepper, cheese


Chef decided to make cold tomato soup. He blended tomatoes and other vegetables to make this soup. Then the butter roll was bought from Hige No Pan Bakery store.

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