Pesce and Veggie Diaries: Day 14


That’s danish bread and cheese-paprika omelette.


Subway week it is. Their sandwiches are filling and they have four, yes four!, vegetarian menus. Marlo had the udon-tempura set.


I’ve been feeling a little bit on the weak side lately so I asked chef to make something to reinvigorate myself, and this is what he came up. Sauted Garbanzos, belle-peppers and eggs, with grilled okra on the side.


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I'm an active-lifestyle enthusiast. I love the outdoors. A geek on weekdays, a sports buff on weekends. I was a worry wart for some time. But because of that I'm enjoying the present. Snowboarder, app developer, runner, gadget collector, hiker are some of the things I am. A healthy mind deserves a healthy body. So shape up!

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