It’s almost the weekend! It’s going to be a sunny one at that so I’d probably be doing something interesting, hopefully, again.


Adding some sort of jam to our cereals is really a smart way to freshen up cereals. I wish we’d have thought of this sooner.


The epitome of Subway week, Marlo finally decided to join me. It’s amazing how changing just one ingredient can make the same dish taste different. I ordered the same Egg Sandwich as yesterday, but instead of the dressing they used, they just sprinkled salt and pepper on top.


This dish was passed on to me by my dad, but I kept on tweaking the recipe to suit whatever ingredients I have. The sauce is simple, squash with curry bouillons. I call this dish kare-bocha, a combination of the words kare for curry, and kabocha for squash/pumpkin in Japanese.

Ingredients: Squash, Kakiage, Tofu, Curry-bouillons, Spring Onions, Salt, Pepper, Onions, Garlic

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