A Little Bit Of Everything

Shame! Shame! Shame!

I’ve had people say they’re disappointed of me in jest because I listen, and actually like, country music. But I just like music in general, no matter what the genre, as long as it appeals to any of my senses, not just the ears. But with country music, I believe what appeals to me the most are the intricate stories woven into the whole song. This is also, I believe, why newly ordinated saint Taylor Swift’s album 1989 was, is, such a huge success. She fused that one great element of country, with pop, to appeal to a broader audience.

I’m not ashamed to admit it, but it was Carrie Underwood who introduced me to country music, with her rendition and collaboration with the band Rascal Flatts on their song “Bless the Broken Road”. That song is just positive, uplifting and inspirational in general.

And now after a decade has passed, I find my taste for this specific genre expanding. I now listen to Florida Georgia Line, Brantley Gilbert, Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, Band Perry, and Thomas Rhett to name a few.

Lately though, I have Keith Urban’s album “Fuse” on repeat. If Fuse was a cocktail, it would be one part sunshine liqueur, 1.5 part good-vibe bitters, shaken, and with a dash of chill-pill before serving. Take for example the song “When We Were Us”.

Back when that song was a song
I could sing along without thinkin bout you every time it came on
Every beat, every line, every word, every time
When a road was a road
I could roll on through without wishin that empty seat was you
Money was gas, dreams were dust
Love was fast and we were us

This is real-life scenario put into a song. It even applies to friends. There’s this one time I went on an epic-island adventure with friends in one of the southernmost islands of Japan. And during that time, while we were looking at marine life at the rocky part of the sea, I saw one of my friends pluck something fresh from the water, put it in her mouth and swallowed. That was a shocker. During that time my brain was backtracking looking for hospitals we may have come across on the way to the beach, just in case we needed to rush her to the emergency room. Fastforward to the future, everytime I go to the beach and see pluckable things from the sea, her face suddenly pops out of thin air and feasts on them. Just the face though, no body attached.

Now I’m not saying that these types of lyrics can only be found in country songs, hello John Mayer and Sara Bareilles. It’s just that they are more abundant in this genre, and is as normal or regular as it can get.

Other songs in the album such as “Cop Car” and “Little Bit of Everything” have great lyrics too. Cop car has this one line: “You were so innocent, but you were stealing my heart…” that just hits me in all the right places everytime I hear them.

Overall, I like this album a lot, and it would probably be a good place to start if you are just trying to get your feet wet in the country. I’d give this album 4 out of 5 stars.



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I'm an active-lifestyle enthusiast. I love the outdoors. A geek on weekdays, a sports buff on weekends. I was a worry wart for some time. But because of that I'm enjoying the present. Snowboarder, app developer, runner, gadget collector, hiker are some of the things I am. A healthy mind deserves a healthy body. So shape up!

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