I love bitter gourd because of its taste, and that includes and most specially its bitterness. So I usually don’t like it when somebody tries to do something that impacts this aspect of the vegetable. Unfortunately, chef added honey to this sautéed dish which made it a little bit sweet.

Ingredients: Bitter gourd, onions, garlic, egg, salt, pepper, honey


With today’s lunch I have tried all five types of Subway breads. I did not think I would like flatbreads but I actually enjoyed them. I also ordered basil (but they gave me cheese) potatoes as side-dish. Marlo had a repeat lunch of udon, kakiage and tempura.


This was the first time we made coriander flavoured pasta and it was a revelation. I LOVED this dish. I thought chef used basil at first which confused my taste buds at first bite. But it was really delicious. うまかった! I forgive chef for adding that honey.

Ingredients: Garlic scape, tofu, coriander with red wine (merlot)

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