Pesce and Veggie Diaries: Day 8

After a week of only eating plants, I would say that the hardest part in switching our diet is not that we can not have meat. But rather it is the fact that we had to make a conscious effort discerning what type of food we eat. Are we getting enough proteins? Are we eating too much tofu? Are we consuming enough fibrous foods?

These are questions that should be asked on a regular basis but since you can just eat whatever you want, you rarely put a second thought into.


The combination of the avocados and the roasted sesame seeds really made this dish stand out. Again, roasted sesame seeds MADE this dish. Ever since my mom introduced chef and myself to roasted sesame seeds, we never looked at it the same way again. Just pan-fry a quarter cup of seeds and try them, your taste buds will thank you for it

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Pesce and Veggie Diaries: Day 7

Hurrah! We’ve managed to get through a week by just eating veggies (and seafood for chef). Ever since we started this month long experiment, we have been trying all sorts of vegetables we see on the supermarket. Like for example the Japanese Ginger (myouga), which tasted great, grilled or sauted.


For breakfast, we used the leftover sauce from yesterday’s dinner. But instead of using pasta as a carb source, we used rice, then added a sunny-side egg on top to finish the dish.

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Pesce and Veggie Diaries: Day 6

They say that a great breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day. If that is the case, then I started my day with a full tank.


A simple egg omelette breakfast with sauted beans and danish bread on the side.

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Pesce and Veggie Diaries: Day 4

I am learning to love tofu even more because of this 30-day experiment.


We ate at our favourite bakery and ordered the four-cheese bread, salt & butter bread, and the dessert bread with beans on top you see on the lower left of the photo.

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Pesce and Veggie Diaries: Day 3

Oh goody it’s Friday! (OGIF!)


My chef tells me that he ran out of ideas for breakfast but when I get to the dining table this is what was served. Bell pepper-mushroom omelette on rice, with a side of oranges. Again, this was really good. But a little part of me wished for a repeat of yesterday’s rice. I always forget to mention that milk and coffee, but not at  the same time, is a regular part of our breakfast routine.

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Pesce and Veggie Diaries: Day 2

 Day 2 and I have yet to experience any meat-longing sensations, thus far.


I would consider this breakfast delicious, regardless of my current 30-day trial vegetarian status. The Java rice, that’s what we’re calling it from now on, is just rice with turmeric mixed in it, which gave it that colour and additional flavour.
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Pesce and Veggie Diaries: Day 1

It finally started, my meatless existence.

To be perfectly honest, this isn’t my first time going through life without eating meat. About four to five years ago, I experienced a phase in my life wherein psychologically, I couldn’t eat meat, even if I wanted to, even if I tried(cue music). But back then it was not intentional, and I’ve made it my goal to go back to my meat eating ways.

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Guide: Mt. Kintoki Hike

Out of all the mountains in the greater Kanagawa area that I have had the pleasure of hiking, I find that the path from Myoujingatake leading all the way to Mt. Kintoki the most pleasurable of them all. The surrounding flora drastically changes along the way and you get the sense that you are being transported into a new location everytime it happens. It’s a wonderful feeling, which is the reason behind why I decided to make my first guide about it.Continue reading “Guide: Mt. Kintoki Hike”

Manga: はんだくん

Handa-kun, the most misunderstood person in the world.

I received a copy of Handa-kun(はんだくん) from my friend a couple of months ago, and I finally got around to reading the first volume just this week. Soon after reading though it was hard to stop laughing at the events that unfold.

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