Pibs Who?

Hi I’m Phoebus. My parents named me after the god Phoebus Apollo. I am a quarter Spanish, Philippine born Japanese citizen whose name is Greek. Most call me Pibs, whilst my Japanese speaking friends call me by the first half of my surname Tora(虎), which means tiger in Japanese.

I love the sun and I prefer to do most of my activities while it is up and I can bathe in sunlight. During warmer seasons I hike, run, ride my bicycle around the greater Kanto-area, and travel to faraway islands in Japan to play in the deep-seas.

When the weather starts to nip at my toes and bite back, I head for Nagano, mostly, to shred some slopes. Snowboarding is my winter passion. Nothing gets my blood boiling than waking up at a mountain lodge and knowing that in a few minutes, I’ll be experiencing pure adrenaline bliss. I think there is one more thing that can get my blood to boil like snowboarding does but it escapes me at the moment.

I like meeting people and having conversations with total strangers. I find it educating, at the very least.

A reader, a gamer, a geek, a person who never buys any gadgets if it’s a day past the release date. The list can go on and on. And hopefully, so does this blog, so that one day, when I’m older, I can look back, read through it, and then say, 

“Yeah! I did that. I was crazy and young and foolish. I did all those things to feel alive. And then I met you. I’m still crazy and foolish, and I did all sorts of activities all the time. But I did all those things to make memories with you, the person who made my life worth living, every waking moment.”

 * Credit for the blog title goes to the show “The Life and Times of Tim.” Such a funny, bizarre and witty show.


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