Veggies, Vegetables and Vegemites

Veggies, Vegetables and Vegemites

Starting next week, June 1 2016, Marlo and I are going vegetarian.

Well at least for a month, and then we’ll see where it takes us. We’ve been hearing a lot about vegan and vegetarian diet, and not until recently did I realize that there is a difference between the two.

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1 Season Down

1 Season Down

Now that winter has officially ended, it’s time to look forward to what the other 3 remaining seasons have in store for me and my friends this 2016. But before I do just that, I’d like to write a few sentences for the season that has just gone by. The season I like the most, even though it’s the one responsible for most of my broken bones.
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Fortress: The First Wall

Fortress: The First Wall

Should I re-build my walls? 

Back during highschool and up until my early professional life, I had a fortress. An impenetrable one. It was there to keep my affairs, and to some effect my personalities, from getting intertwined. My fortress had four walls, all of which had tiny doors. Only one door is open at any given time and only I can open them. Of course similar to how Rome wasn’t built in a day, my fortress too wasn’t. It was a series of events that led to its creation, and like most, if not all fortresses, it was meant to keep the person inside, my fragile self, safe from the big bad unknown. 
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You’ve finally taken that next step. Kudos to you on your bravery.

I remember many years ago when the doubts just started creeping in, and how you struggled with conflicting emotions. You could barely understand what was going on. I mean, how could you? Society wasn’t as educated then as it is now. There were no manuals nor were there prior role models that you could look up to.

Hard as it was, you tried to shun the unorthodox emotions away. You ignored it hoping that whatever it is that’s been clouding your judgement, would resolve itself on its own and would eventually go away.
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I don’t like organizing events. It is stressful, entails a lot of work, and above all nobody seems to be satisfied. It’s a thankless job.

It is statements like these that give event organization its notoriety. I will not refute the fact that it is a stressful endeavor, because it is. You have to anticipate and consider a lot of things, decide on a lot of details on your own, while at the same time factor in the requests and opinions of the attendees. You also have to be very detailed, and at the same time be really brief in dispensing information.

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The Severed Connection

Relationships are hard work.

This is what I finally realized after having been dating the same person for three years. We are generally happy, and we feel comfortable in each other’s company, most of the time. There were things in the past that challenged our relationship, but none of them ever came close to inflicting any serious damage. Most were just nicks and dents that eventually only made us cherish each other even more. We were an impenetrable fortress.

In retrospect, that last statement may have been the reason for our recent struggles.

As I was talking to one of my dearest friends, a BFFE(E for Eternity), it was brought to my attention that apparently, there exists a four year, give or take a few months, “make or break countdown” when it comes to relationships. I asked her to explain further what she meant by it and what I got in return was possibly one of the most honest conversations I could have with another human being.

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Blogger’s Block

I am having a hard time continuing my blog. Putting my thoughts into words is easy. I just type down any random topic that pops into my head and make it coherent for any reader to comprehend and voila! Instant blog done. But for some reason, I want to write about something else.

What that “else” is I have yet to discover.

Hopefully, in the very near future, I am able to focus on something and write about it.

Sound Tripping

Yesterday(2013/11/17), I was roaming around Tenmabashi searching for places to hang out until I could check-in at my hotel(Toyoko-Inn). I had three more hours to go before I could do so, and I was running out of consciousness.

Side Story: Running out of consciousness
I partied until early Sunday morning with my friend who invited me to this event that was happening from 23:30 ’till 27:30. I returned to my hotel at around 4AM tipsy, took a shower, went straight to bed, and slept until 8AM. Why did I wake up at 8AM? Because I have to check-out at 10, and I still had a lot of packing to do. (Cough cough)

Back to my main story, I was well on my way to dream world until I spotted this coffee shop at the corner of the street. I figured, if there was any place on earth that could revive me, this was it. Upon entering, I immediately noticed the aroma coming from the coffee they were serving. It was a strong and invigorating scent. I felt re-energized almost instantly. So I walked up to the counter, and ordered tea. Green tea to be exact.

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Going Country

Is country music an acquired taste?

As I continue my journey exploring other types of music, those that are not usually played where
I’m residing, I’m finding myself gravitating towards this particular genre.
Maybe it’s the simple harmonies and the addicting hooks that gets me.
Or maybe it’s the honesty in the songs that depict how a normal human being actually feels.
Let’s take for example Little Big Town’s “A Little More You“.
Here’s an excerpt from the lyrics of this song:

Your battin’ those baby blue eyes and, honey i swear
The way you got me needing you girl, it just ain’t fair
You’ve given me a little bit yeah, but don’t stop there
Come on, baby, give me a little more you

The melody and the sentiment is positive and simple.
I can imagine myself listening to this song before, or after,
doing some of my more active hobbies/exploits.
It just puts me in a relaxed mood.

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