Knots Coffee Roasters

Knots Coffee Roasters

I think I just found paradise on earth in the form of a coffee shop. To the unaware, I am a huge coffee drinker, a snob sometimes. And I scour places looking for that sweet, or bitter, spot between acidity and bitterness. Who am I kidding I mostly lean towards the bitter end.

So, while I was talking to my manager about work, and life in general, we happen to stumble upon this curious little coffee shop at a corner in front of the JR Yurakucho station. It had that Melbourne coffee place vibe to it, that just begged me to come and take a sip of their “bitterest” (most bitter). And it was good. Which is way better than what I could say about the hundreds of constellation-themed coffee shops that plagued my place of work. But what is most interesting is the fact that they have a 定期コーヒー concept.

To the uninitiated in the Japanese language, that means unlimited coffee for a specific period of time. In this case, a month. Imagine that! I can have OK coffee every single day at work, for the minimum price of 3000 Yen! And it’s not just the blacks that are included, the lattes, au laits and the espressos are all part of this service.

So, I drink 3 cups of coffee a day. EVEN if I calculate it using the lowest common denominator, which is a 100 yen per cup of coffee, that means I save half of what I usually would spend on coffee in a month.

Now, how grand is that?

The Daily Commute: Canine Rhapsody

The Daily Commute: Canine Rhapsody

This morning, while I was riding my bike along the river of Tsurumi on my way to work, I saw a dog and its pet human. Maybe it was the other way around but I stand by my impression. The dog was biting and tagging on its leash. Then from out of nowhere, I started singing:

Will you let me go?
No, we will not let you go.
Let him go!
We will not let you go!

And just like that, the rest of my commute was filled with angst.

Happy Halloween!

Fortress: The First Wall

Fortress: The First Wall

Should I re-build my walls? 

Back during highschool and up until my early professional life, I had a fortress. An impenetrable one. It was there to keep my affairs, and to some effect my personalities, from getting intertwined. My fortress had four walls, all of which had tiny doors. Only one door is open at any given time and only I can open them. Of course similar to how Rome wasn’t built in a day, my fortress too wasn’t. It was a series of events that led to its creation, and like most, if not all fortresses, it was meant to keep the person inside, my fragile self, safe from the big bad unknown. 
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You’ve finally taken that next step. Kudos to you on your bravery.

I remember many years ago when the doubts just started creeping in, and how you struggled with conflicting emotions. You could barely understand what was going on. I mean, how could you? Society wasn’t as educated then as it is now. There were no manuals nor were there prior role models that you could look up to.

Hard as it was, you tried to shun the unorthodox emotions away. You ignored it hoping that whatever it is that’s been clouding your judgement, would resolve itself on its own and would eventually go away.
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The Severed Connection

Relationships are hard work.

This is what I finally realized after having been dating the same person for three years. We are generally happy, and we feel comfortable in each other’s company, most of the time. There were things in the past that challenged our relationship, but none of them ever came close to inflicting any serious damage. Most were just nicks and dents that eventually only made us cherish each other even more. We were an impenetrable fortress.

In retrospect, that last statement may have been the reason for our recent struggles.

As I was talking to one of my dearest friends, a BFFE(E for Eternity), it was brought to my attention that apparently, there exists a four year, give or take a few months, “make or break countdown” when it comes to relationships. I asked her to explain further what she meant by it and what I got in return was possibly one of the most honest conversations I could have with another human being.

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Blogger’s Block

I am having a hard time continuing my blog. Putting my thoughts into words is easy. I just type down any random topic that pops into my head and make it coherent for any reader to comprehend and voila! Instant blog done. But for some reason, I want to write about something else.

What that “else” is I have yet to discover.

Hopefully, in the very near future, I am able to focus on something and write about it.

More Than Words

What would you do if I took those words away?Then you couldn’t make things new, just by saying “I love you.”

I loved this song even as a kid growing up. But I never really understood the meaning back then. For me, then, it was just a nice song with a nice melody to it.

Oh adulthood. The way you ruin a perfectly innocent childhood memory is just thorough.