The Daily Commute: Canine Rhapsody

This morning, while I was riding my bike along the river of Tsurumi on my way to work, I saw a dog and its pet human. Maybe it was the other way around but I stand by my impression. The dog was biting and tagging on its leash. Then from out of nowhere, I startedContinue reading “The Daily Commute: Canine Rhapsody”

Fortress: The First Wall

Should I re-build my walls?  Back during highschool and up until my early professional life, I had a fortress. An impenetrable one. It was there to keep my affairs, and to some effect my personalities, from getting intertwined. My fortress had four walls, all of which had tiny doors. Only one door is open atContinue reading “Fortress: The First Wall”

Goodbye Panasonic(AVC)

Thursday will be a day of beginnings. I have been assigned a new project which starts tomorrow. And having a new project means having new team mates, new devices, and a new working environment. Tomorrow, I will be commuting to Shin-Yokohama for work, as opposed to Kamoi, and I am excited for all the new things that areContinue reading “Goodbye Panasonic(AVC)”


Congratulations! You’ve finally taken that next step. Kudos to you on your bravery. I remember many years ago when the doubts just started creeping in, and how you struggled with conflicting emotions. You could barely understand what was going on. I mean, how could you? Society wasn’t as educated then as it is now. ThereContinue reading “Legacy”

The Severed Connection

Relationships are hard work. This is what I finally realized after having been dating the same person for three years. We are generally happy, and we feel comfortable in each other’s company, most of the time. There were things in the past that challenged our relationship, but none of them ever came close to inflicting any serious damage.Continue reading “The Severed Connection”