Silver Week 2016, Day 1, Take 2 

I left Tokyo on Friday 9/16, and arrived at NYC five minutes later. It was a 13-hour flight but because it was a stress-free one, I am as energized as I was when I left Tokyo. What stresses me the most on long-haul flights is the fact that I might not be able to doContinue reading “Silver Week 2016, Day 1, Take 2 “

Pesce and Veggie Diaries: Day 20

Breakfast Chef is at it again with his original creations. He coated the tofu with a mixture of flour, salt, pepper, cumin, coriander, turmeric and garlic powder. He then pan-fried the coated tofu until it turned golden brown. The result was this dish that most curry eaters would love.

Pesce and Veggie Diaries: Day 19

Lunch/Dinner The combined meals were due to some scheduling conflicts. It was too late to have lunch and too early for dinner, so a fusion of both just made sense. We went to a popular shabu-shabu place called Onyasai. Not only do they have a vegetarian menu, they also served high quality vegetables. The soup bases youContinue reading “Pesce and Veggie Diaries: Day 19”

Pesce and Veggie Diaries: Day 17

Breakfast I love bitter gourd because of its taste, and that includes and most specially its bitterness. So I usually don’t like it when somebody tries to do something that impacts this aspect of the vegetable. Unfortunately, chef added honey to this sautéed dish which made it a little bit sweet.