A Little Bit Of Everything

A Little Bit Of Everything

Shame! Shame! Shame!

I’ve had people say they’re disappointed of me in jest because I listen, and actually like, country music. But I just like music in general, no matter what the genre, as long as it appeals to any of my senses, not just the ears. But with country music, I believe what appeals to me the most are the intricate stories woven into the whole song. This is also, I believe, why newly ordinated saint Taylor Swift’s album 1989 was, is, such a huge success. She fused that one great element of country, with pop, to appeal to a broader audience.

I’m not ashamed to admit it, but it was Carrie Underwood who introduced me to country music, with her rendition and collaboration with the band Rascal Flatts on their song “Bless the Broken Road”. That song is just positive, uplifting and inspirational in general.

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Sound Tripping

Yesterday(2013/11/17), I was roaming around Tenmabashi searching for places to hang out until I could check-in at my hotel(Toyoko-Inn). I had three more hours to go before I could do so, and I was running out of consciousness.

Side Story: Running out of consciousness
I partied until early Sunday morning with my friend who invited me to this event that was happening from 23:30 ’till 27:30. I returned to my hotel at around 4AM tipsy, took a shower, went straight to bed, and slept until 8AM. Why did I wake up at 8AM? Because I have to check-out at 10, and I still had a lot of packing to do. (Cough cough)

Back to my main story, I was well on my way to dream world until I spotted this coffee shop at the corner of the street. I figured, if there was any place on earth that could revive me, this was it. Upon entering, I immediately noticed the aroma coming from the coffee they were serving. It was a strong and invigorating scent. I felt re-energized almost instantly. So I walked up to the counter, and ordered tea. Green tea to be exact.

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Going Country

Is country music an acquired taste?

As I continue my journey exploring other types of music, those that are not usually played where
I’m residing, I’m finding myself gravitating towards this particular genre.
Maybe it’s the simple harmonies and the addicting hooks that gets me.
Or maybe it’s the honesty in the songs that depict how a normal human being actually feels.
Let’s take for example Little Big Town’s “A Little More You“.
Here’s an excerpt from the lyrics of this song:

Your battin’ those baby blue eyes and, honey i swear
The way you got me needing you girl, it just ain’t fair
You’ve given me a little bit yeah, but don’t stop there
Come on, baby, give me a little more you

The melody and the sentiment is positive and simple.
I can imagine myself listening to this song before, or after,
doing some of my more active hobbies/exploits.
It just puts me in a relaxed mood.

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