Review: Apple’s AirPods

Review: Apple’s AirPods

When I bought my Jabra Bluetooth headset a few years ago I only had one usecase in mind, to be able to make and answer phone calls without having to take out my phone. It was an exciting time in my life when I first connected the phone to the headset, and made a call. It was everything that I expected, and everything the pamphlet said it would be. The call quality was great. I had no problems using it under normal conditions. In fact, it was quite good that it was enough to urge me to try using it to listen to my music. The result however was less than stellar.

From that moment on, I have longed for something similar. A bluetooth headphone that makes excellent calls, but at the same time is great for playing music. Also, it should be one that I can wear on a single ear, or both, depending on where I am.

Fast forward to the present, I now own a pair of Apple’s latest accessory, the AirPods, and I couldn’t be happier.

The case, AirPod-L and AirPod-R

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