Journey to Freedom S01E03: You shall not pass!

Today’s lesson was all about roads and overtaking. First, I’d like to start off by saying how I am LOVING these instructors. Not only are they they very definition of professionalism, they are also fun. Yes, they are. The structure of the lessons are simple, theories mixed with actual scenarios. The teaching medium is notContinue reading “Journey to Freedom S01E03: You shall not pass!”

Journey to Freedom S01E01: Throw ‘Em The Money

I love how they implemented trains in Japan. You can almost go anywhere you want as long as you have the time to do so. Places like the sandy beaches of Izu, or the lush forests of Tanzawa are my favorites to visit. It’s that convenient. However, there are still times when having a carContinue reading “Journey to Freedom S01E01: Throw ‘Em The Money”