Silver Week 2016: Day 1, Flight Day

Silver Week 2016: Day 1, Flight Day

I had nothing to say.

Which is why I have been keeping silent for the past months. Unlike some people I know who can summon their muse at the most mundane of topics, sadly I can not. But, I did go to NYC for my silver week holidays and with the help of Day One, the app I use to eternalize my thoughts, I finally have some content to  blog about.

9/16, Friday, also known as the point of no return.

I’ve never had any problems using the boarding gate lounges provided for by the airports here in Japan. It’s sufficient enough to attend to my immediate needs while I wait for boarding. The stores are great, food selection is abundant, the male toilets are clean, there are even charging stations spread through out the waiting area if ever you forgot to bring your own mobile charger. It was enough and I was happy.
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